The 2017 independent Annual Growth Survey: The Elusive Recovery

This is the fifth edition of the iAGS report, produced by four independent economic institutes with funding from the S&D Group. The report analyses the economic situation in Europe, compares various scenarios of economic policy and makes recommendations on economic priorities for the year ahead.

This year's iAGS points out that a slow recovery is under way after the financial crisis, as a result of low oil prices, low interest rates, a lower effective exchange rate of the euro, a less negative fiscal stance in the euro area and unconventional monetary policies. The report comes up with proposals for further boosting the economy through reform of the Stability and Growth Pact, public investments, minimum wages norms and a stronger focus on education. It also gives a broader institutional perspective on the EU in the post-Brexit referendum context.

Also attached are the Executive Summary of the report, and a summary of the main findings produced by the Progressive Economy Team.

Update March 2017: The iAGS 2017 has been completed with 2 additional case studies - Chapter 6: The Greek crisis: outlook and an alternative economic policy; and Chapter 7: Germany in the position of leader