Annual Forum 2015

Wednesday, 3 June, 2015 - 14:30 to 18:00


The Annual Forum took place on 3 June 2015 and focused on sustainable growth.

The forum was opened by S&D President Gianni Pittella who announced the winners of the Call for Papers.

Professor Thomas Piketty delivered a keynote speech on public debt, taxation and inequality in Europe to a packed room. Author of numerous articles published in the most important economic journals of the world and of a dozen books, Professor Piketty has done major historical and theoretical work on the interplay between economic development and the distribution of income and wealth. He is the initiator of the recent literature on the long run evolution of top income shares in national income and the author of "Capital in the 21st century".

A high-level panel then discussed the main theme of the forum - the challenges posed by the transition to sustainable growth and quality jobs. Consuming our resources responsibly has become an inescapable necessity. The challenges of expanding resource supply to meet future demand – whilst avoiding irreversible damage to our planet and devastating climate change - are unique. The added value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising energy and water waste, improving low-carbon mobility, and providing incentives to move to more sustainable and long-term resilient business models is evident - and yet, our economies are still largely linear and geared towards unsustainable growth. Attaining sustainable growth will mean changing opportunities in the labour market: potentially more jobs – but different. This requires a new social model to ensure that we can make the transition in a fair way, creating quality jobs.

Please see below for Professor Piketty's presentation and a video of the proceedings.


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