The iAGS report 2014

Progressive Economy is committed to stimulate the political and scientific debate on Europe's economic and social policy strategy. This is why support is granted since last year to the so-called "independent Annual Growth Survey" report (iAGS).
This report is an alternative piece of work challenging the European Commission's Annual Growth Survey (AGS), a centre-piece in the annual European Semester process. The AGS is the basis for the formulation of the EU's annual growth strategy, which guides the whole policy process up to the national stability and growth programmes, and reform programmes, between November until June of the following year.
The AGS has been the main vehicle through which the European Commission has advocated the drastic austerity strategy which has dominated the European economic agenda since several years.
In November 2013, a first" iAGS" was produced by three independent and well-known economic institutes:
- OFCE (Observatoire Français de Conjoncture Economique), Paris
- IMK (Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung), Düsseldorf
- ECLM (Economic Council of the Labour Movement), Copenhagen
The new iAGS 2014 is being released on Wednesday 4 December 2014, entitled "FROM AUSTERITY TO STAGNATION – How to avoid the deflation trap".  The report is stating that "...the policies conducted so far, in particular austerity, have failed and ...such a failure has a cost", and develops a fully-fledged alternative economic strategy for Europe to escape stagnation.
The executive summary of the 2014 iAGS is now released
The full report will become available on Wednesday 3 December.
It will be debated publicly with the participation of Commission Vice President Olli REHN, at a major Progressive Economy conference in Brussels, taking place on 4 & 5 December (Read more)