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A call for change

From the crisis to a new egalitarian ideal for europe

Annual Forum on inequality - special report

progressive Visions – session Report
M.schulz/J.stiglitz summary

Policy Reports from Rapporteurs on Key panel debates

Call for Papers - Contribution from selected academics

Employment-focused recovery for europe:
An alternative to austerity
Giovanni Cozzi, Terry McKinley and Jo Michell

A step too Far?
The european Financial transactions tax and Shadow Banking
Daniela Gabor

Reassessing the impact of Minimum Wages on Wage dispersion and employment:
Evidence from an institutionalised Wage Bargaining system
Sem Vandekerckhove, Guy van Gyes and Maarten Good

Making Morality Matter: civilized Markets and European Values
First steps towards eutopia
Jakob Kapeller, Bernhard Schütz and Dennis Tamesberger

A progressive approach to the Measurement of Regional performance in the European Union
Angeles Sanchez-Dominguez and Maria J. Ruiz-Martos

Does Fairness Matter for the success of Fiscal consolidation?
Georgia Kaplanoglou, Vassilis T. Rapanos and Ioanna C. Bardakas

The European Economic Governance
Problems and proposals for institutional innovations
Matteo Laruffa

The political economy of early and college education
Can Voting Bend the Great Gatsby curve?
Christopher Rauh

Progressive economy Forum 2014 programme