What is the Progressive Economy Parliamentary Network?

The Progressive Economy Parliamentary Network is a major initiative inside Progressive Economy, and pursues two main objectives:

1. Deepening and broadening the democratic dimension of European economic and social governance at EU, Eurozone and Member States' levels.

2.  Contributing to a fundamental and durable change of policy in the economic and social fields in line with commonly defined progressive policy concepts and values.

To achieve these two objectives the Parliamentary Network relies on two main types of activities:

  • To support its policy work, the Parliamentary Network notably relies on input from Progressive Economy's other range of activities, including the Progressive Economy Academic Network, the Progressive Economy Scientific Board, the iAGS and the work conducted on the initiative's policy issues.  
  • To develop its parliamentary alliance, it benefits from regular events organised by Progressive Economy across the EU including an Annual Assembly, the first of which was held in Brussels on 5 December 2013. This assembly provides a unique opportunity to progressive parliamentarians across the EU to connect and to debate economic and social policy strategies, notably through the European Commission's Annual Growth Survey and its alternative - the Independent Annual Growth Survey (iAGS), both released just before the annual assembly meeting.